Shanshui Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

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Positioning:Shanshui is the carrier of ecology and ecology is home to Shanshui

Mission:To make our motherland more ecological

Vision:Magnificent Landscape, Ecological City and Town, Beautiful Countryside, Happy Life

Tenet:ake the Society as Our Responsibility and Enterprise as Our Post, Create Fortune, Win-win in Harmony

Quality:Loyal to Party, Clean-fingered, Dare to Assume Responsibility

Core Values:United & Hard-working, Pioneering & Innovative, Integrity Based, Pursuit of Excellence

Business Objective:Make a Project Excellent; Make a Number of Friends, Win a Market

Employment Concept:We focus on diploma but more on level, we focus on title but more on capability

We focus on experience but more on ability, we focus on qualification but more on contribution

Leader Culture:Magic Power of Communication, Charm of Compromise and Courage of Determination

Leadership Culture:Honorable people – Dare to be the first when doing things and willing to put interests of the others above his own

Lovely People -- Dare to be the first when doing things or behaving

Lamentable People – Willing to be last when doing things or behaving

Hateful People – Willing to be last when doing things but put the interests of the others under his own

Team Culture:Trustworthy when making decisions, and powerful when executing

Loyalty Culture:Loyal to the Enterprise, Loyal to the Career and Loyal to the Cause

Acting Standard:Hide drive in mind, be kind to others, perform literary talents when doing things, and remain faithful to the others

Speak words of a master, do things of a master, and fulfill responsibilities of a master

Be mountain-like when behaving, coping with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle

Be water-like when doing things, coping with unchanged by changing flexibly.

Enterprise Realm:Water in Every River Is Clean and Moon Can be Reflected in All the Rivers; Clouds on Ten Thousand Miles of Sky Are White and the Sky Is Blue

Enterprise Voice:Shanshui is grateful for your tolerant to its past

Shanshui is honored of your appreciation today

Shanshui is looking forward to your care tomorrow