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Do not forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind-Shanshui Environment holds the work summary meeting for the first half of 2019



Summarizing the past, planning for the future, and enhancing team cohesion and willpower, Shanshui Environment held a work summary meeting for the first half of 2019 at the South Taihang Military Experience Park in Xinxiang City on July 28-30. With the theme of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission", the meeting reviewed the work in the first half of the year, analyzed the current situation and problems facing the company, and called on all employees to keep in mind the mission of "making the motherland more ecological", not forgetting the original aspiration, and promoting development through reform , Create a first-class eco-environmental enterprise.

The meeting specially invited the famous Chinese military expert General Luo Yuan to give a keynote speech on patriotic education. Lin Yu, director of the Investment and Financing Department of CITIC Construction, attended the meeting. An Fengjie, the former director of the Forestry Reform Department of the National Forestry Administration, and the director of the Chinese Society of Desert Control and Sand Industry, Dr. Gan Fei, Chief Engineer of China Mining Federation, Professor Yang Haiyan from Department of Environmental Engineering and Energy of Beijing University of Architecture and Architecture, and other guests were invited to participate and share hot spots in the ecological environment industry.

The big coffee meets and asks Taihang

On the 28th, General Luo Yuan gave a shocking lecture on the theme of "my country's Peripheral Security Environment and Soft Power Construction". During the three-hour speech, General Luo stood at the height of international strategy and fully interpreted the problems of my country's surrounding security environment and the complicated international situation. General Luo Yuan mentioned the complexity and ideological issues of our country’s current security situation, and denounced the sinister intentions of foreign countries to use the Internet environment to destroy the will of our young people, and urged to restore the youth’s national spirit inheritance, promote traditional culture, and reiterate the bloody nature of going forward and going forward. Education, because "the future of a country lies in the education of young people."

General Luo Yuan gave a keynote speech

In the afternoon, several experts and scholars shared and exchanged the latest hot topics in the environmental protection field, such as the new technology and new direction of the water environment industry, the responsibility of the practitioners, the strategic development of the desertification industry, the discussion of the mining restoration financing model and the industrial model.

Professor Yang Haiyan shared "New Trends and New Technologies in Water Environment Industry"

Dr. Gan Fei gave a speech on "The Interpretation of Mining Development Policies in the New Era"

Chairman An Fengjie made an exchange on "Desertification Control to Promote the Integrated Development of Desert Industry"

Leading by party building, never forgetting the original intention

Comrade Yuan Junshan, Secretary of the Party Committee, reports on the work of party building

On the morning of the 29th, Comrade Yuan Junshan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanshui Environment, first reported on the company’s party building work. Since its establishment five years ago, the Shanshui Environmental Party Organization has never forgotten its original aspirations, holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, leading the company to firmly follow the path of ecological civilization construction, and contributing to the green waters and mountains all over the motherland. As a private enterprise, Shanshui Environment has explored a path of "deep integration of enterprise party building and production and management" in the practice of party building, leading the development of the enterprise with party building ideas, actively seeking transformation, upgrading, and innovative development, and giving full play to the party organization’s efforts in corporate management. Role and the leading role of advanced party members, leading companies to transform the "invisible" party building work into "tangible" corporate development advantages, and constantly leading the company's high-quality development.

The report emphasized the importance and role of party building work for the development of the company, emphasized that the construction of party style and clean government and the construction of cadre style are the top priorities of the company's development, and proposed that the company’s party building work is in line with the needs of the times and is integrated with the company’s production and operation. The requirements and practical implementation of the measures have led the company’s party building and production operations to a new level.

Responsible for the mission and firm reform

Yuan Junshan, chairman of the company, made a summary report on the work of the company in the first half of the year

In the afternoon, Yuan Junshan, chairman of the company, summarized the company's work in the first half of the year, and proposed the company's central idea that the company must resolutely carry out the reform to the end, "reform is not only the need for the deep development of the landscape, but also the need for the transformation and upgrading of the industry." Combining the implementation of various tasks in the first half of the year and the current new situation and new requirements, the meeting pointed out that it is necessary to build a "customer-centric, struggling-oriented, and long-term persistence in hard work" Shanshui environmental corporate culture. With the goal of creating a "quality landscape", strictly control the quality of projects, increase profitability, reduce inventories, and strengthen the construction of engineering centers and control centers. Each branch company must combine actual conditions to solve the most critical and urgent development in a targeted manner. problem. Focus on key areas and areas, strictly prevent and control operating risks, improve operating standards, and maintain the bottom line of safety and quality. The meeting requested that we should not forget the mission in mind, build a first-class team of executives and entrepreneurs, improve the ability of the management team, and establish a scientific and reasonable post system.

The results of the deepening of the company's mixed management system reform were reported at the meeting: CITIC Construction has become the company's largest shareholder, and the company will further improve in terms of market access, factor allocation, capital operation, project expansion, talent gathering, and management quality improvement. Institutional reform continued to deepen, organizational structure was optimized, and management efficiency was effectively improved.

Lin Yu, senior director of CITIC Construction Investment and Financing, shared management ideas

At the meeting, Director Lin Yu introduced CITIC Construction’s advanced management concepts and corporate culture. CITIC Construction has a sound staff management and internal control mechanism. Director Lin Yu stated that he will put the management "blood" of CITIC Construction into the reform process of Shanshui Environment, and support Shanshui Environment's management standardization, rationalization and scientific development.

Concentrate and strengthen your body

To build a Shanshui Iron Army with high performance, high cohesion, physical fitness, and firm combat awareness. The three-day meeting process runs through military training. It has undergone a series of high-performance military training, night assembly, on-foot raids, team battles, and hundreds of people at the same frequency. In the intensive physical training session, the landscape people were tanned and their hearts gathered under the bright sun of over 35 degrees in the Niuwang Temple. Resolutely reform, strengthen the body, win the battle of self, strive for the ecological construction of the future, landscape and environment, tomorrow can be expected!