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Shanshui Environment holds the 2019 project manager on-site meeting



On August 24-25, Shanshui Environment held the 2019 project manager on-site meeting at the company headquarters. The company’s leaders including Chu Xiao, general manager of CITIC Construction Investment Department, the largest shareholder of Shanshui Environment, Yuan Junshan, chairman and general manager, Yuan Jianwei, deputy general managers, and Fu Qiang attended the meeting. Heads of the engineering technology center and cost control center departments, and branch companies More than 80 people including the person in charge and project manager attended the meeting. Chu Xiao gave important instructions at the meeting. The company's leadership team gave a speech on the company's project management problems, and the project manager separately reported the progress of the project.

The meeting conducted in-depth communication and discussion on key issues in project management such as project management standardization construction, labor subcontracting management, cost control management, quality and safety management, etc., aiming to thoroughly analyze the company’s project management status quo and effectively solve the pain points in project construction And difficulty. The meeting was divided into two stages: training exchanges and project reporting. Mr. Chu mentioned at the meeting: Engineering quality is the lifeblood of the survival and development of eco-environmental protection enterprises, and the foundation of the survival of the enterprise. CITIC Construction fully supports Shanshui Environment to strengthen project management process standardization, enhance employee awareness of responsibility, strengthen management system construction and other measures to improve project quality and improve project management system.

Chu Xiao, general manager of CITIC Construction Investment Department delivered a speech

The conference organizes all the participants to observe and study in Orson Park. The deputy chief engineer of the company led the team and explained the whole process. It analyzed from multiple perspectives such as the creation of the space level in the park, the shaping of the terrain and slope, the application of landscaping elements, pipeline layout and post-maintenance, and intuitively demonstrated high-quality construction examples and environments. Artistic effect and detail processing.

Osen Park Observation and Learning

The company’s deputy general managers Yuan Jianwei and Fu Qiang gave trainings on the "Project Management Responsibility System" and "Cost Control Related Systems" respectively, and conducted an in-depth analysis and explanation of the project manager's job responsibilities, cost control related systems, and capital management methods. At the subsequent internal exchange and discussion meeting, participants expressed their opinions on various tasks in the company's project management, summarized their own problems and put forward suggestions for improvement.

Yuan Jianwei, deputy general manager of the company, does project management training

Fu Qiang, deputy general manager of the company, conducts training on cost control related systems

At the project report meeting, the company’s leadership team listened to reports on 18 projects. Each project manager introduced the project overview, progress, output value and payment status, problem analysis, solution and next work plan. Among them, outstanding projects such as Shangdu Park and Yongxiu Bailian Lake Park were unanimously recognized by the participants because of their excellent project quality and standardized management process. Some projects with obvious problems were named and criticized.

Finally, the company’s chairman and general manager Yuan Junshan pointed out that “the problem is obvious, the resolution is slow, and the implementation is not in place” in the company’s project management, and instructed the engineering technology and cost control center departments to rectify the problematic project, and the quality of the project was serious. Project notifications are handled, and new projects are implemented in strict accordance with the standardized process of project management. At the same time, a project selection mechanism with clear rewards and punishments was set up at the meeting, with "standardized construction of project management process and project payment" as the selection indicators. The 2019 outstanding project managers were selected at the meeting and prizes were awarded.

Chairman and General Manager Yuan Junshan delivered a speech

Project report site

Project manager report

Outstanding Project Manager Award

The meeting further clarified the linkage and cooperation of marketing, design, cost control, and engineering construction. The two-day intensive meeting greatly stimulated the high morale of the participants, strengthened the sense of responsibility of various departments for the company, and enabled all project managers to participate in the construction of the company's project management system with a more active attitude.