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The groundbreaking ceremony of the first-phase project (EPC) of the mine geological environment treatment and ecological restoration project in Dingyuan County was held



At 9:18 am on April 8, 2020, the groundbreaking ceremony of the first phase of the mine geological environment treatment and ecological restoration project (EPC) of Dingyuan County, Anhui Province, undertaken by Shanshui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., was held at the project site.

The project includes 5 abandoned mines in Dingyuan County, with a total treatment area of ​​about 32.96 hectares and a planned construction period of 1 year. Through the implementation of mine geological environment management and ecological restoration, the hidden dangers of geological disasters have been eliminated, the ecological environment of the mining area has been restored, the mine geological environment on both sides of the newly built North Mountain Road in Dingyuan County has been effectively improved, the vegetation coverage has been greatly increased, and the regional water conservation, water and soil conservation have been significantly improved Maintain ecosystem service functions such as conservation and biodiversity conservation, enrich the life and culture of residents in the county and surrounding areas, and provide the foundation and support for the development of tourism in the county.

Captain Zhang Libing of Dingyuan County Land and Natural Resources Bureau and Director Lv Hongsong of Dingyuan County Planning Bureau attended the groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wu Junju, the project manager of Shanshui Environmental Dingyuan Project. Also present at the groundbreaking ceremony were representatives of Jiangsu Yicheng Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., Henan Gemdale Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. and all project personnel.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Manager Wu Junju introduced the project overview, organizational structure, construction plan, expert support, development planning, etc. to the guests participating in the groundbreaking ceremony. Captain Zhang Libing and Director Lv Hongsong respectively made enthusiastic speeches on behalf of Dingyuan County government agencies, expressing warm congratulations on the successful start of the project, and fully affirmed the important role played by the project in promoting Dingyuan’s economic development and ensuring people’s livelihood. Captain Zhang Libing emphasized that “the Shanshui project team must do both production and epidemic prevention, sincere cooperation, scientific organization, and strict management to ensure project quality and safety”; Director Lv Hongsong especially emphasized “to comply with predetermined plans, construct according to drawings, ensure progress, and grasp quality. , To ensure safety". Subsequently, Manager Wu Junju made a solemn promise on behalf of all employees of the project department: firmly establish the concept of safety first, quality first, respect the owner, obey supervision, strictly perform contract, overcome difficulties, ensure safety, guarantee the construction period, and ensure both production and epidemic prevention. The project is built into a high-quality model project that is satisfied by the owners, recognized by the society, and assured by the people.

Finally, Zhou Xinjian, the chief engineer of the project, announced: "The first phase of the mine geological environment treatment and ecological restoration project has officially started." Everyone is holding the golden shovel and raising the earth to cultivate the foundation! The successful holding of this ceremony marks the official start of the first phase of the "Dingyuan County Mine Geological Environment Treatment and Ecological Restoration Project", and also marks the restoration and ecological restoration of the mountain and water environment in the mine. Progress has been made in the area of ​​governance.

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